Weigh-in History

In January of this year my weight was: 411 lbs. My goal: 195 lbs, 6’2 1/2 tall.

By May 15th it was: 370 lbs

This is where I’ll tally my fat loss. I’ll put the month and day and amount every month. Check back for more updates.

Weigh-in, Sept. 27, 2013:

388 lbs, a gain of 18. Still, my clothes aren’t fitting so muscles may be there somewhere and I have made a great gain in strength!! Time to cut back on the sodium and hit the gym again.

Weigh-in, October 6th scale reading (this is late)

Down to 363.2!!

Weigh-in, October 17th


Weigh-in, late, for December 15th, 2013

345.5, 17 lbs from where I was 7 years ago. Let’s get back there for February!

2014: First Weigh-in of the year, 10 months into it, Ha.

349.9 lbs. Not too shabby of a gain as I really expected it to be more since I wasn’t consistently going to the gym. Let’s hope I can shave off 30 in 3 (months). If I can do that I’ll be the lightest I’ve been since the age of 16. Let’s get it.


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