F*ck Resolutions. Just Hard Work.


I don’t do resolutions. Usually I fail at them because they are broad, not SMART (for a primer on S.M.A.R.T. goals, check out this video), and I lack the discipline to complete them because I don’t have a plan.

I have a plan now. I list all my goals in Todoist under the GOAL project. This is separate from my FITNESS project though they coexist together. I make them small and and measurable: How much weight do I want to lose this week? How many times do I want to go to the gym this week? Do I want to meal prep this week? What do I want to cook this week for meal prep? And so on.

Badass Feelings = Addiction to the Gym


Like I’ve said many times before, the gym you choose ultimately affects your results. If you don’t like going, don’t like the atmosphere or the people, you’re not going to show up.

Wright’s Gym is the gym for me. It’s gritty and anti-L.A. Fitness and so I appreciate that aesthetic. I’m there to work not ogle guys staring at their pumps in the mirror or be outshined by chicks in skimpy outifts working their 5 lb dumbbells bent over for everyone to see. You don’t get that vibe at Wright’s and so despite it being a haul, I am going to continue to go there. Thursday and Saturday, Fitness 19 on Sundays.

Staying Accountable


On a four day streak at MFP. If it wasn’t for MFP, I think I would eat way too much at certain times of the month than others. So this helps me stay accountable and on top of what I put in my mouth. MyFitnessPal offers the best database but some people swear by LoseIt!. Chose whatever just make sure you’re logging.

Final Thoughts

If you set goals that you can attain, small, incremental goals throughout the year, you’ll have weight loss. Motivation and knowing what works for you is the hardest part of the battle. So let’s get started.


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