Xmas Lifting with Mom

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So I went home for Xmas. The sobering realization that I had gained some weight back was evident in my mother’s disapproval of everything I put in my mouth, though I kept well below my calorie intake for someone my size, in fact, hardly reaching the limit (I never do, though). Because I am 6’3 and weigh as much as I do, I need to eat much more than my mother just to maintain my weight, let alone lose any. She doesn’t get that, though, because to her she and I are clones, having the same illnesses and predisposition to sicknesses and disease. We are totally different. I guess some of that is her wishing I was her “real” daughter and not adopted, however that is beyond the scope of this post.

Bad knees and weight gain meant that I wasn’t able to do or fit into things I used to. Mom found some old pictures and said, “Look how thin you were,” which bothered the shit out of me. I was 3o in those pictures and just coming off a 140 lbs weight loss which gave me so much confidence. I gained 80┬áback after moving and quitting smoking and less frequent gym visits. I lost 73 in 2013 and gained that back this year, more than likely, by diving head first into coding. I’m not┬áthe only geek with this problem.

But hearing my mom say that about me from 7 years ago made me realize I needed to get back to there. I wasn’t at my goal weight then but just about to break into the 200s for the first time since I was 16. I plateaued, and then the rest is history, as they say.


Working out with mom

Mom invited me to workout with her at 7am (!!!) at Gold’s Gym in Harrisburg. I got up, reluctantly, after traveling into the area, about 5 hours from Pittsburgh by train. Got up, showered and we went out.

I did leg press, which I didn’t know how to lock, and became increasingly afraid of my legs being crushed by the weights. Thank god their was a guy deadlifting next to me. He helped.

I did triceps pushdowns and another thing I don’t remember. The fun part? Encouraging mom to get sweaty.




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