Holy Sh*t. I’ve Let Myself Go.

So I went back to Wright’s Gym, arguably the most badass gym in Pittsburgh. I was going to Fitness 19, which, no offense to them, was wimpy compared to Wright’s.


I walked back in, was greeted by Rick, the guy at the front desk, with a warm smile and a welcome back. He gave me the lowdown on the new treadmills and told me to pick up my new card when I was finished (I had lost my wallet a couple months ago which had the card in it).

As I walked back to their Olympic sized weight room, David Wright, the gym’s owner, came out to me smiling, sweaty. He greeted me and gave me a big hug even though my sweatshirt smelled terrible because I sit it out to dry and didn’t unroll the hood (terrible smell that I didn’t smell until I got on the bus. By then it was too late). We chatted. He asked me how my ride over was. That’s the thing. I am a fat girl. Here is this really fit guy who teaches Israeli Krav Maga to cops hugging me and welcoming me back to his gym. Insane.

I stopped going because of the ride. And the ride yesterday was excruciating. Two hours. I know how to save time now, but I forgot because it had been a whole year since I went there.

I truly missed that badass feeling I got walking out of there. Nothing kept me going to Fitness 19. I never had enough time. The equipment was lame (mostly machines). When I got to Wright’s yesterday I was really excited to actually step foot in a gym again.

Buying a Mac and going head down, tunes up, diving into code, while really good for my career and school and public image (I am getting into all sorts of things in the area because I am vocal about my journey) was terrible for gym time. And working out yesterday I realized just how out of shape I had become.


That 73 lbs I lost at Wright’s 2 years ago? Probably gained about 50 of it back. I worked on my triceps in the dip machine and realized I lost considerable gains. I could only do 140 lbs instead of my previous 160. I did triceps pushdowns at 120 lbs. I did two sets of  8 and one of 5 because my upper body was in fatigue mode.

My back has been really bad since I started coding. I sit a lot. And because of this my hip flexors are really tight which cause spasms in my lower back. I was so tight yesterday while working out I could only do two things before I bounced. My whole body is sore today. My lower back is better but only because I exercised it. It still hurts but not as bad.

I really need to go tomorrow and I am. I go in the afternoon to take the express bus into town and then out to Crafton. One day recovery and back at it.



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