I have failed to go to the gym regularly at all this year. Part of that is because I switched gyms– my current gym is small and lacking the equipment I desire. I only chose it because I was too preoccupied with sleeping to get up at a decent hour, meaning I would wake up at 2 pm and hop on a bus and go to the current gym which was only 5 minutes from me. My day didn’t have to drag on to god knows what time. My favorite Pittsburgh gym, Wright’s Gym Krav Maga is an hour and 45 minutes from me by bus. You can see why I chose Fitness 19 (current gym).

I know kitty. I am the new fail whale too.
I know kitty. I am the new fail whale too.

I also got accepted to the University of Pittsburgh and have been working tirelessly all summer to get up to speed with programming or Computer Science, my major of choice. I went to school in the spring at CCAC but didn’t finish because I didn’t need to.

I could have gone back to Wright’s. But something stopped me. I have been out of the groove for so long that it is hard to get back in it. My mom, who is 68, goes to Gold’s Gym five days-a-fucking-week. I am ashamed to be shown up by a woman who is 30 some years older than me.

My mom can do more pushups than your mom.
My mom can do more pushups than your mom.

So as I get my programming mind right, starting a university and the importance of exercise, I know what needs done. I need to get to bed by 10 pm every night and get up at 7 or 8 am. On the days I am not in class, I need to get to Wright’s Gym by 10 am. That gives me time to come home and study and work on other projects and commitments.

Unfortunately I will not have time for other things. I will be: school, commitments, gym, social clubs and volunteering

I am not used to this kind of push. The last time I pushed it didn’t fair so well. I was very hypomanic at that time, with an extension of energy that I don’t think too many have. That time I was staying up late and going to bed late and getting up late and rushing, and skipping class. Not this time. The things I am into now are far too important to me and more so than that, they’re fun. I also have some adjustments in the anti-depressant I was taking.

I know the game. It is do or die time. And I want to look fit when I start interning or applying for jobs as we all know the stats for overweight people in the job hunt.

I’ll be updating here but probably not like I should. I am a blogger and podcaster at my Code Newbie in Pittsburgh blog and at The Apple Fancast, as well as a guest podcaster at Code & Supply, a Pittsburgh tech non-profit. Pretty damn busy. But I will update! Promise.


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