Been a Long Time

2013-10-08 22.45.11Since I posted here. I know. I am running like five blogs and then I have been swamped with school so I don’t have time, between the hella long commute back and forth to class, living my life, and programming to actually do anything else– I am exhausted everyday.

I got really, really sick just a few weeks ago and didn’t do much of anything. It took a very long time to stop spitting out stuff my lungs were full of. I hadn’t been sick like that in two years. It was a sign I was beating my body into the ground– I am getting older and cannot do half the stuff I did years ago. I am 36. I will be 37 next month. And while I am stronger than I have ever been and the fittest, even though I am still pretty damn fat, I have to take care of the bod in order to live longer and not just longer but healthier.

I went to the gym a week ago after a pretty long absence, like two months. I started lifting and immediately thought “Wtf? I actually like this?” After getting into it a bit I decided I did like it but I was tired and just not rested.

I went yesterday and yep. In the zone. I had a short workout where I just worked tris and bis but I feel it today. And I know that I am back, for real this time.

I decided to withdraw this semester or at least get incompletes. I don’t need this semester unless I don’t get into Pitt– I really didn’t need to go this semester but wanted the structure to my day. But boy has it been a struggle.

Part of my want to get back to it is this guy on Facebook named Eric Russell. He shares his weight loss journey and is completely and utterly honest about his successes and failures. He went from around 500 lbs to 237. But just recently he gained 80 of it back and while defeated and still depressed about it has gotten up and dusted himself off. His picture of muesli and blueberries reminded me how much I love a healthy lifestyle and that I needed to get back in the gym.I stocked up on meat when I had extra cash and will be going to the store tomorrow so I can get other healthy things and there will be no excuse not to eat healthy.

This is a brief post and I plan to get back into blogging here. It’s important to know that this weight loss journey is not linear, by any means, and that failures are bound to happen. Only the resilient will survive.


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