Faves and Raves and Faves and…Fads.

Shot out to The CultCast for the inspiration for this post title.

So I post a lot about my journey on here BUT! Today, today I am going to give a shout to some advice, tips, all fitness, mostly lifting but worth the read anyway.

The one thing that might not agree with the legions of WordPress fitness bloggers is my stance on Paleo. I am not a fan and I lay out two arguments, both opposing one another, after I give my take on this diet, which frankly, I’m going to call a fad, because that’s what it is. But after I link to the two articles with opposing viewpoints, I will let you make up your own mind.

So first FAVES!

Weightlifting for women.

This link lists some benefits for gals to pick things up and put them down. Doesn’t specify how heavy but LIFT DAT HEAVY SHIT ladies. The heavier the weight, the quicker you…tone (UGH). Which brings me to my next article.

4 Reasons the Word “Tone” Needs to Die

All muscles have tone so stop it. If you want to get “toned” that means you want to get muscular. Can’t have one without the other. And no, you won’t look like the woman in the first photo, not necessarily. But adding muscle to your body benefits your nakedness and your metabolism. So get on it, gals.

Get Dat Ass

I used to get made fun of by my mom for having a high round ass back when I was 9. Okay so I was also 5’6 and fit (I never really looked my age) so stop freaking out. But mom always prided herself on her huge misshapen ass. But if I could have only foreseen what the movement is now. I wouldn’t have felt like an idiot.

So squat. Deadlift. Hip thrust. Do it. Get that bubble butt you know you want. I am running out of time to wear certain things as I get older so you can bet I am going to do more and more of this in the very near future.

Show Up Ready for the Gun Show

Michelle Obama has guns. Why can’t you? And I don’t mean bodybuilder guns but nice, shapely arms. And STRONG. Yesssssss.



Is it a fad? Personally, I believe so, though swarms of people swear by it. There are arguments that say cavemen (cave-people?) didn’t survive nearly as long as we do, with our processed food and McDonald’s living. Some paleo activists refute this with they were healthier and that life was grand back then but the science just isn’t there. It seems very romantic, to live the way Paleolithic man did, in some evolutionary haven free of disease but as we know very little, and the little we do know shows it was anything but paradise. I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating a balanced diet. And eating real food is always a good goal, which is what Paleo proponents say is their goal but they shroud it in unscientific romanticism.

I got a good sense of what the diet is about by reading this blog. Still, I need to do more research. But the research I’ve done leads me to believe this isn’t the ideal diet everyone makes it out to be.

Do you do Paleo? What do you like about it? How would you refute the article linked here?



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