3 am. Yep. No sleep here!

But soon. And as far as strength gain Saturday? I was sick a while and didn’t even lift until Thursday. But it was an incredible session, I’m telling you. My biceps and triceps were sore for two days, something I’m proud of and that was lacking I’m my time at the new gym. Fatigue them muscles, kittens. That’s how you get ass for days and guns that would make Michelle Obama bow down in front of your greatness.


I look forward to working out today. I went out to Pittsburgh’s 54th Annual Light Up Night, a sort of kickoff of the holiday season, a time when people forget how to drive and take selfies all over the streets of downtown and fireworks! I went Friday and on the bus I thought, “I should have went to the gym”. I can’t even socialize without thinking about lifting. I guess I’m finally about that life? Hope so.


The Steelers don’t play today so the gym won’t have the game on (obviously) so I plan on going harder than last time.


Are you working out today? What are working on? Thinking of doing legs. We shall see.


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