Schwarzenegger Workout

…or not. But I was watching Pumping Iron one restless night at 3 am on Netflix. I had been struggling with not going hard enough at the gym— I was hardly ever sore after a workout. It bothered me. I knew I was capable of destroying my muscles time in and time out but it wasn’t happening in the new gym.


So my friend let me know Pumping Iron was on Netflix and I decided to watch it at 3 am. It was okay— cheese from the 70s but Arnold. His cockiness and subsequent 7th (?) Mr. Olympia made me perk up and listen. He said pushing through the pain is when the growth occurs, when strength gains grow, and what separates losers from champions.


So today, after being sick for a week and a half I went to the gym. I worked through pain like you wouldn’t believe, pushing each rep, feeling like I was about to pass out. It was phenomenal. Feeling all the blood rush to your head while you’re pushing down 120 lbs on the cable machine for your triceps is addicting. My arms are Jelly. But man what a workout. Hope to be sore tomorrow. I hope I made some gains!


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