Week 2 of working out regularly


Four days last week but yesterday I was super tired. I meant to do homework but I was up until 6 am and slept in until 2:30 pm and just could not get started. Went to bed last night at 11 pm and woke up at 5:30 am and got kicked into gear.

I was just commenting on another blog about self talk. I call myself Fatness Everdeen (Hunger Games reference. Lol. Nod if you get it) and Fatty McFatterson. They’re creative and get the point across. But it can effect me in the long. Of course that berating of myself drives me. And the suggestion was to instead turn that around and call myself a strong bitch instead. Not sure which one I’ll implement. Old habits die hard.


What you tell yourself matters. I’ve lost 140 lbs by berating myself but gained 80 back when too busy. I’ve lost 65 lbs since the weight crept back doing the same old thing. What’s different? How will I keep the weight off? Maybe saying I’m a strong, badass bitch is the key.


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