Guys. I’m frustrated and really don’t know where to turn. Some would say the entire Internet is not the place, but you guys are in the same boat.

Went to shower tonight. Took a good hard look at my fat belly and I said to myself “this isn’t happening fast enough. This is taking too long.” I know. It’s a process. But I thought I was making progress on that mega fuckton of fat hanging here but it just looks different to me tonight. I don’t know what it is. Just seeing it all there it’s like being punched in the nose and bleeding all over the bathroom floor. Just a down moment. Didn’t help I kept singing about my fat arms to the Deftones.


Something’s gotta give. This negativity has to stop. I briefly thought, I’m a strong badass bitch but then I looked in the mirror again.

How do you get over these down periods mis amigos? This is the pits…


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