New Gym and I’m Feeling It

IMG_0002_2So…yeah. I’m at the new gym and am in love with how close it is to me. Has a Subway right next door too so I can eat AND lift. Ha.

But what is really important to me is that I am going, I am actively participating in fitness communities here and on Tumblr (known as Fitblr), Instagram, and maybe even Google+ again, MyFitnessPal and Jefit. I feel so much better when I am in these communities and working hard in the gym. I’d like to workout longer than 45-50 minutes, as sometimes I waste some of those minutes resting or generally being overrun by a rush of blood to the head. Maybe that’s dangerous but it feels pretty damn awesome to lift 200 lbs in a delt row and just go hard and then be all dizzy. I am a masochist like that. 🙂



Weight didn't creep up too bad with my gym hiatus.
Weight didn’t creep up too bad with my gym hiatus.

I didn’t go today but the cool thing about my gym is that is open way later than Wright’s on Saturdays and Sundays and that is AWESOME for someone who is busy and sleeps in late. 😉

I just feel so awesome now. And it is helping my Seasonal Affective Disorder as well. The exercise levels the endorphins and I am not as sad during the dark periods of the night. This is huge because SAD literally ruins my mood this time of year, every year. Last year I was working out and it wasn’t nearly as bad so now I hope to reap more of the benefits.

Check the weigh-in page for my latest could-have-been-worse disaster.

2014-10-15 23.35.44


How have you overcome the “I don’t wanna do jack” phenomenon?


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