A New Beginning

IMG_1939So I’ve struggled and struggled mightily. After April during finals I had to break from the gym— I just could not travel by bus an hour and a half to go to the gym and have any sort of time to write two papers, a presentation, and study for the final exam. Then, I bought a Mac. I fell in love with it. I also bought an iPhone. But the biggest thing was I changed my major. I’m a computer geek. And I’m generally not rich and the luxuries I have I’ve used school loans for. So I decided if I no longer wanted to live month to month or be a barista, I no longer would be an English major. It was a very hard decision because all my life I’ve been a writer, that was my identity. I decided after much thought I’d be a front-end developer for whatever cool tech company in Pittsburgh would have me. I spent countless hours ogling and working with Mac OSX, learning bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the like. I neglected the gym.

I felt fat. I would make sure I wasn’t eating too many calories. I’d visit the gym here and there and each time I’d feel guilty for not coming back for weeks on end. I stepped on the scale– 4 lbs gained. That was miraculous, all things considered.

While meeting up with some friends from Instagram during the Steel City Instameet I felt bloated and fat– the new jeans I had bought last year were barely fitting– they fit alright last year, not great but still better than now. I was convinced I was getting bigger. There was a group photo taken that I didn’t see immediately, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I tried to get a gym membership closer to me. I went to Gold’s downtown but the insurance wouldn’t pay for it and I definitely didn’t want to shell out the cash. I knew there was a gym 5 minutes away from me on the bus but I thought, “It’s in my neighborhood, sort of and this is a pretty poor town. I don’t want to go to a hood gym.” But I changed my mind after I saw a guy come out of there, young, fit, and articulate, wearing a Fitness 19 shirt. I decided I’d give it a shot, knowing my insurance would pay for a few gym memberships.

I went to the grocery store, a shopping center that Fitness 19 was in. Signed up. Did my shopping. Got bored and headed back there to workout. It was great, though I felt lost in the new gym. I didn’t stay long, maybe 30 minutes but decided I wanted to come back the next day and I did. It is Thursday early morning on the East Coast so I went on Tuesday and Wednesday, something I would have never done last year.

So new beginnings. I am actually excited to go now. I am eating better. I am more active in fitness communities. I’m back!!

That group picture? I didn’t look as fat as I thought and my non-existing booty is now getting there. I am excited about fitness all over again.

I'm dead center.
I’m dead center.

Do you have any struggles you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments.


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