I’m Back

Just been having a banner year so far this summer. Changed majors to Information Science (to be a UI/UX developer), beefed up my LinkedIn profile, got offered a job that I wasn’t qualified for now but instead am taking a paid internship with the same company next summer, signed up to volunteer at the Carnegie Library, became an Ambassador for my two-year because of my grades. *Takes deep breath*

The only bad thing is that I’ve been so busy coding and trying to get the foundation of a freelance business site off the ground I haven’t regularly gone to the gym. That goodness for that calorie adjustment earlier this year! And besides, I’m a bus commuter in very hilly Pittsburgh. There’s always cardio to be had and in fact I’m pretty certain I’ve *lost* weight. I feel the lightest I’ve felt since 2007. I can take on hills and stairs without too much huffing and puffing.

It’s been a great summer of work and now I’m back in school and I’ve decided to tackle the gym on MWF again. After finals last semester I fell off and I am ashamed. But I’m taking good care of myself, so here’s that!

One of my favorite meals this week was a homemade southwestern chicken salad seen here:



Some chicken strips, onions and peppers, tomatoes, southwestern corn and beans, and after I took this some medium thick and medium salsa. It was really good and started my afternoon off right.

I can’t go to the gym tomorrow– I have an important appointment with the dentist (cavities, might need a root canal). But next Monday, Wednesday. Next Friday I have an interview with my school’s Ambassadorship. Life’s good. 🙂


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