Getting My Lift On!

So yeah. After a whole two and a half month break from the gym, what with final exams, the two papers I had to write and a presentation. I just didn’t have time– I know that’s an excuse but it’s also true.

What I did do was eat LESS– and in fact, clothes started getting looser on me, so it stands to reason I’ve lost weight, but I haven’t weighed myself; plan on doing that next week.



So this is a recent pic (my mirror has this weird yellow stuff on it that has been there since I moved here– don’t know how to get rid of it). Slimming down, as my mother said when I sent it to her.

Since it is now summer break and I really have no other obligations besides making friends, submitting my writing, marketing, and a whole host of other busy work I felt it the perfect time to get back in the swing of the gym. I recorded it and it is perhaps a bit too long at 5 minutes and my fat arms are unsightly but they are slimming down as well– this sweatshirt that really hugged my huge arms fit looser when I wore it the other week– it was sort of tight in general but fit remarkably well.

So I am back at it peeps. Leggo…


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