I was rolling around in bed in agony the day after leg day. I thought, ‘why am I torturing myself like this? It hurts so bad!’ I had to take a moment and refocus. I know what I used to look like. I was and still am pretty athletic, even for my size, strong and agile. I also remember what it was like when my mom told me at the age of 17 my arms were getting too fat to fit in my favorite Champion hoodie, as she threw it out as I adamantly denied I was getting bigger. I remember how that felt. I cannot go there again. I remember how it felt to run and not feel like I was carrying around a 200 lb bag of potatoes on my back, to not be winded walking and running upstairs, and to gracefully be light on my feet as I swatted away shots on the basketball court. I will return there. I’m older and probably not as good as I was, but I’ll get there. Whenever you’re in doubt, think about moments in your life that changed you and defined you. Relish the pain and realize it’s for a better tomorrow, a better you. It’s been three days out since leg day and I still can’t walk. But it’s so worth it.

via From Fat Writer to Fit Writer, Tiffany White’s Fat Loss Journey http://www.facebook.com/pages/p/726796690668743


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