I’m Afraid of the Scale

IMG_69256601874690I haven’t been able to get out with all the snow and ice and I’d really like to get back to the gym. So because I’ve been shirking my responsibility (last month) and because of the ice and snow (this month, which there is more on the way today) I haven’t weighed myself, even though I know I’ve not eaten my fill of calories.

So the featured pic comes in. And this means I get my arse in the gym Wednesday, Friday it is food shopping day and because I ride public transit (I am an hour away from everything, not because I live too far but because the PAT system for getting from my borough to anything in town SUCKS) I can only go to Trader Joe’s and not the gym. Last time I went to TJ’s I was gone from 12 pm-6 pm :-(. But it’s the cheapest around and the best for you.

I am going to rock it at the gym on Wednesday, go for finals Thursday and then for food Friday, Monday back at the gym. I’ll have a week to get in as I am headed back home for the holidays (yay!)

20131204_115612_Maxwell St_2

(I love an empty gym! I am sort of trying to get used to not having my hair straightened. It’s tough. LOL)

How do you overcome obstacles when you KNOW you need to hit the gym?


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