Morning or Afternoon Workouts?

2013-10-10 23.27.44My gym is so packed with meatheads in the evening hogging different machines and racks. The guys are super friendly and kind but dude, really? You’re in the squat rack AND on the bench press at THE SAME TIME?? Whoa. Mind. Blown. 😉

I was going in the evening and felt that it was a good time but I don’t know, over the last couple months I’ve noticed so many people there, and I can’t get a good workout in.

I started going around noon and that was a good time for a free, pretty much empty gym. But as the spring semester starts again in January and I start going to class on MWF, I am going to have those evening times again. Ugh.

Poll time!

Me at Wright’s Gym, my fave in the ‘burgh, about to get my squat on.

2013-10-18 16.31.46


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