Snow and No Gym for a Week

So I was really excited to get back to the gym after being so busy with NaNoWriMo and class that I totally ignored exercise, well, outside of the exercise I get by just commuting and walking up hills and stairs (yay, hilly Pittsburgh!). Then it happened. SNOW. ICE. Yes, friends, midwest weather.

I will be returning to the gym on Friday but in the meantime I have made a few resolutions already, before even the new year arrives. What’s that, you say? Here is a little pic to tell ya:

Goals for WordPress

There are some other goals there if you notice but I’ve observed that the women with the fittest, nastiest shredded bodies don’t eat at McDonald’s and a couple of months ago I lacked the discipline to not go in when I was hungry and out of time. It starts with meal prep and good snacks. Lately I’ve not eaten anywhere near the 2,000 calories I’ve allotted myself a day as I am not exercising. But I have eaten goodies like this:

2013-11-17 19.50.37-1

Full fat Greek yogurt and blueberries, strawberries, and oats. YUM.

On another note:

Here in Pittsburgh at PPG Place downtown there is a skating rink and a tree of our own. We may not be New York City but we’re pretty special.

2013-11-24 19.41.49

This is a photo from Facebook by a guy named John Martinec. Check him out for more pics of this beautiful city. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone and remember it is just one day. It doesn’t have to ruin all your hard work!!


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