Two NSV Today. I’m a BOSS.

So I woke up this morning, tired. I have 50oz of coffee during the night as I’m a writer doing NaNoWriMo (where you write 50,000 words of a novel in one month. Crazy, amirite?) and I’ve just been plain exhausted with school days being long and gym time as well.

I didn’t fall asleep until 2 am and set my alarm for 11:30am. After yesterday’s gym failure I had to go today. I got up, exhausted. I said ‘fuck it. I’m going back to sleep’. I laid back down and felt immediately guilty- the guy who commented on my post yesterday was on my mind and the fact that I had a cheat day without much exercise, and that I’ve yet to weigh myself in two weeks because I’ve been slacking all weighed on me. I got up, finished off the coffee and got on the bus.

I made the resolution that I would eat better- no McDonald’s or Wendy’s outside of every other week cheat days, hit the gym three days a week as planned.

I got downtown and ate a Subway, knowing I was running out of time to catch the bus to the gym. I was hungry and got a Turkey breast sub. I ran out of time for the bus. I turned around and went to catch the bus home- if I was to catch the next bus to the gym I’d only have a half hour. I was standing waiting for the bus home and felt guilt again. A half hour was better than a fat ass forever. So I hopped on the T and now I’m on the bus to Wright’s Gym Krav Maga Pittsburgh. Two self kicks-in-the-ass in one day is a personal best. Lol. Killing legs today. Let’s get it.

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