Accountability! Weigh-in for This Week

The fat loss is happening at a fast clip and I don’t know how I feel about it. I want slow loss for less loose skin but I am primarily doing strength training as I do cardio, about 40 minutes, every other day just by being a bus commuter and living on the 4th floor in an apartment on a steep hill (the bus stop is right at the bottom of the hill, and even though I live on the 4th floor there are 5 flights of stairs) so that should help the skin cause.

I am damn near 6’3 and have limited myself to 2000 calories. I am damn near 6’3, I weigh 357 lbs and am only trying to get 2000 cals a day. I did that so the weight would come off in droves but then I see people who have done that and the skin…..I know one woman didn’t do any type of real weight training so I’m not certain if her results will be my results at all. I love what she’s done but I hope that I am different.

So! Screenshots. 🙂 The line is trending down and that’s a good thing.IMG_1559



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