Supersize Me Debunked

Supersize Me Debunked <—-Click here

So there was no real science behind the documentary by Morgan Spurlock “Supersize Me”. Surprised? I was.

I had first watched the doc a couple years ago when I was starting out as a vegan and was instantly reassured that my decision was sound, his science was was accurate and all was well.

Well, a couple years have passed and I have been educated in critical thinking and skepticism- what does the science say? What are other scientists’s findings on these studies? So I have taken up listening to all things skepticism in podcast form.

Today on the bus commuting to school I was listening to The Reality Check podcast and they did a segment on “Supersize Me”, I was in for a shock. I was in denial about the science being laid bare before me (and I still have to research). One of the links on their site was to the Skeptoid website which I’ve included here. No, you shouldn’t be eating fast food everyday, but there are tons of myths out there about McDonalds (yes, McDonald’s hamburgers do decompose and YES there is dairy is their milkshakes).

Think before you eat. Do your research before you believe the hype. Because the more you know….:-)


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