Well! OJ=Sugar. Yep.

I already knew that but don’t judge me! Two months of water only and I needed something flavorful and 100% orange juice is now my favorite weakness (used to be pop/soda (getting accustomed to living in Pittsburgh. Ha.)). It’s better than soda in a way but I only buy it once a month.

The problem is carbs. I’m trying to get more protein in and I’m failing miserably. Someone who weighs as much as I do and lifts weights like I do needs 270g of protein daily. That’s next to impossible to get without carbs from protein powders etc. I’m trying to think of creative ways to get that amount in my diet and get the carbs out! So far….doesn’t look good, at least today. It’s better than when I was a vegan!

Here are my macros for the day. I overdosed on Vitamin C and potassium, ha.

Posting these to keep me honest!


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