And Now a Word from our Sponsor…

Woohoo! What are you waiting for? Gooooooo!

Iron Mommy Fitness


There isn’t a better day than TODAY to:
do more push–ups than you ever have…cross the monkey bars at the playground…learn how to juggle…run farther than you ever have…take the new fitness class at the gym…throw tennis balls for your dog to chase…climb your stairs faster than ever…get to the park with your kids…walk an extra block…conquer jump rope crosses…play hopscotch…enter yourself into an organized run/walk…break a threshold – under 30 minutes for a 5K run, under 20 minutes for a 5K run…play pick-up basketball at the park…

Or, restart your routine FOR THE LAST TIME!, FitBEST yourself out of a plateau, or begin to use Iron Footprint Fitness to see ALL the gains you make and most important crank your motivation so what you don’t get to today you will be fired up to finish tomorrow…

I better stop there. You’re going…

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