10 Healthy Tips for Reducing Your Sugar Intake


By Danny Mitchell Ashton
Pointers for a Low-Sugar Diet
Cutting back on your sweets is not as simple as saying no to illegal drugs. While conscious about the health hazards of eating too much sugary food, you will almost always be tempted to taste just a ‘teensy weensy’ slice of that mouth-watering triple layer chocolate cake with M&M and Oreo bits on top that’s sitting on the kitchen counter, your husband’s surprise treat to your 8-year old boy. Here are 10 tips to make your sugar reduction undertaking a piece of cake (pun intended).
1. Pass up on prepackaged foods.
Sugar or any of its components are added by food producers in their canned or frozen products, such as those stuck-into-the-microwave, ready-to-use foodstuff you use for your Italian meal preparations like spaghetti or pizza. You can make your meals healthier by buying fresh foodstuff and personally preparing the ingredients that…

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