Introduction to the Blog

I am a weight lifter- this is my preferred exercise. I have found a love of running but the stipulation for that is it must be outside. Unfortunately I moved to the outskirts of Pittsburgh and there really isn’t much of a running route that is easy for me to use the Couch 2 5K method of running so far although I plan on scoping out some more spots.2013-09-09 14.35.33

This blog is for my accountability as well as motivational, not just for me but for anyone who happens across it. Negativity will not be tolerated- your comments will be deleted with the swiftness, capiche ? I want to try to build a community of people trying to achieve a goal, whether it be to shed 20, 50, 100, 200 lbs or to simply get active. This isn’t easy for me but it is fun.

I am a student and a writer and with being a writer it is necessary to blog and have a Facebook profile and social media presence and while I enjoy that I feel that I have to be über professional (not that I am all the time) and it gets hard. Here, I can be myself, post about having no whey protein on leg day and not make anyone roll their eyes.

So that’s it. I will be posting hopefully regularly- if you click on my profile you see I have had a fat loss blog before but now I am in a new city, there are new hopes, fat is falling off me and WordPress, the hosted blog service has gotten infinitely better. Here’s to new beginnings.


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